Rise of ‘morality schools’ for Chinese women sparks outcry

Time will tell whether the platform works as intended, but the participation of international iron ore suppliers has eased the concerns of some in the industry. For their part, the international suppliers say pricing should be justifiable and transparent. However, the platform does not require its members to conclude their transactions on it and there are no constraints on transaction volume. In other words, international iron ore producers do not necessarily have to put their products on the platform. Some Chinese steel makers have said the success of the platform depended on iron ore producers. However, Chinese trading companies and international producers are taking a wait-and-see approach.


Amid charges of ethnic cleansing and genocide, secretary of state faces pressure to show Trump administration takes human rights seriously. The European Court of Auditors today released a report finding that EU rural development programs are often complicated and tough to enforce. Under the so-called second pillar ….

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His comments come after a petition against the program with more than 17, signatures from the Australian Chinese community was tabled in the New South Wales Parliament. Mr Kirby, who is gay and has been with his partner for 47 years, said his childhood was an incredibly lonely time and the support offered by the Safe Schools program would have been welcomed. Mr Kirby said the Australian Chinese community should know that Australia has moved on from not discussing homosexuality.

And I think we’ve moved beyond that in Australia and the Chinese community and members who’ve signed that petition, I support their right to express their opinion, but they’ve got to be told that in this country we’ve moved on from that. Mr Kirby has also spoken out against the same-sex marriage plebiscite, saying he fears that the public vote would stir hatred towards vulnerable young homosexual people.

That comes on the back of Lateline poll in which more than 83, people voted on whether the Government should hold the plebiscite or go straight to a parliamentary vote. On Facebook, 87 per cent voted that the issue should skip the plebiscite and be put to parliament. News Home. Print content Print with images and other media. Print text only. Print Cancel.

Daily coronavirus briefing

I actually saw the ad because it appeared several times on my Facebook page a m from the president Benson I’d to six hundred is an US dominance to guarantee these foreign men and the farm and up twenty percent on the Fiat that they iam him into enticed come for free Annie’s I mean there As back-to-school season approaches, districts across the country are grappling with concerns over student and teacher safety. In Quincy, Ill. Photo: AP.

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The U. The proposed acquisition of parts of TikTok, which boasts million U. ByteDance has not publicly confirmed the sale talks. Clinching a deal that will satisfy all parties and potentially act as a lightning rod for U. Bytedance is an innocent victim of the mad politics and mad geopolitics. Tech bankers in Asia said investment banks working on the deal would have to be careful not to antagonize Trump.

S bank in Hong Kong, saying that it would be a question of how to structure a deal in a way that would keep Washington happy. Some commentators criticized ByteDance, saying it has not shown as much backbone as Huawei Technologies, also in the crosshairs of U. This website uses cookies to personalize your content including ads , and allows us to analyze our traffic. Read more about cookies here. By continuing to use our site, you agree to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

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Norway sparks outcry by raising whaling quota

President Donald Trump on Friday that China was doing all it can to contain a new coronavirus that has killed almost people, including a doctor who sounded the alarm only to be threatened by police. China was gradually achieving results and was confident it could defeat the epidemic with no long-term consequences for economic development, Xi told his U.

The phone call to the White House, which China has accused of scaremongering over the epidemic, came as its central bank vowed to step up policy support for affected sectors. The rallying cry came amid an outpouring of grief and anger on social media over the death of ophthalmologist Li Wenliang. Li was forced to sign a letter on Jan.

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Thousands of pictures of the Grudge 2 star dating back to are thought to have been copied from his computer when he sent it in for repairs. They began appearing on the internet two weeks ago but were initially thought to be fake. An unknown person has since uploaded dozens of new pictures every day and CDs of the images have been sold in shops in the city of Shenzhen. The scandal has dominated headlines in Hong Kong and police have made eight arrests, although they have been accused of being “over-zealous” in their investigation.

Chen, a Canadian-born rapper and actor, has issued an apology on YouTube to “anyone who has been affected by this strange, strange ordeal”. The South China Morning Post quotes him as saying: “It is also biblical teaching that we should speak no evil, see no evil and hear no evil. It is important that we should keep our mind decent and, perhaps needless to say, we should not post or circulate pictures.

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How Hard Will #BoycottMulan & Hong Kong Protests Hit Disney?

I was mocking a member of the British royal family appearing in an advert for Chinese state milk, not Chinese people. People are more worried about me trying to mimic the Chinese language than a member of the royal family trying to flog milk. Little bit offensive there Piers. The ‘s called, they want thier Chinese stereotype back.

Romina Ashrafi: ‘Honour killing’ sparks outcry in Iran. “honour killings” amid a social media outcry over the murder of a year-old girl by her father. UK’s Johnson pledges to let in Hong Kong citizens if needed Privacy & Cookies · Terms of use · About our Ads; Feedback; Help · MSN Worldwide.

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Uniqlo ad sparks protest, parody in S. Korea as dispute flares

Academic journal article Journal of Critical Incidents. A young Chinese woman exchanged flirtatious glances with a young African man in paint-soiled clothes. She surprised him as he approached her for a kiss by popping a Qiaobi laundry gel ball into his mouth. A quick push head first into a spinning washing machine, the man emerged as a Chinese man dressed in a clean white T-shirt.

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Singapore currently is developing a wearable device that may be issued to every resident as a way to facilitate contact tracing amidst the COVID pandemic, but the move has sparked public outcry from individuals concerned about their privacy. An online petition urging the public to reject its use has, to date, garnered more than 17, signatures. Headlined “Singapore says ‘No’ to wearable devices for COVID contact tracing”, the online petition describes the implementation of such devices as “blatant infringements upon our rights to privacy, personal space, and freedom of movement”.

What comes next would be laws that state these devices must not be turned off [or] remain on a person at all times — thus, sealing our fate as a police state,” wrote Wilson Low, who started the petition on June 5. Singapore’s Minister-in-Charge of the Smart Nation Initiative and Minister for Foreign Affairs, Vivian Balakrishnan, said during a parliament session Friday that while the government had earlier introduced a contact tracing app , TraceTogether, a wearable device was necessary as it would not depend on someone owning a smartphone.

There also were issues with the app, which did not work well on Apple devices as the iOS operating system would suspend Bluetooth scanning when the app was running in the background. Questions that still need to be asked as governments tap tech to contain coronavirus. Some compromise in personal privacy has been deemed necessary in countries such as Singapore, Taiwan, and South Korea that have turned to technology to aid in contact tracing and movement monitoring, but there are questions citizens should still ask to protect their cyber wellbeing.

Video licensing demand sparks outcry in Malaysia

Panic-buying prompted by the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak — which has already seen a rush on face masks, hand sanitizer, and anti-bacterial wipes — has now expanded to include an altogether different sanitary product: toilet paper, which began flying off of store shelves after false rumors of an impending shortage sent buyers into a frenzy. According to Ming Pao , the buying spree began after a message purporting to show an internal memo from the supermarket chain Wellcome began making the rounds , saying that production of toilet paper — along with some brands of instant noodles, canned foods, and drinks — had been suspended due to factory closures on the mainland, and that supplies would soon run out.

The message circulated through WhatsApp on Wednesday afternoon, with panicked Hongkongers flocking to supermarkets to stock up before it was too late. Troubling online rumours caused a sudden surge in demand for toilet paper.

Uniqlo Ad Sparks Protest as South Korea-Japan Dispute Flares South Korea and Japan share a bitter history dating to the Japanese colonisation of the As the outcry against the commercial grew, student protesters took to the street demanding an official apology from Uniqlo. Hong Kong, Hong Kong.

Invasive dorm raids for phones spark student outcry. Students at a school in East China’s Jiangxi Province expressed outrage on social media after finding teachers had rummaged through their dorms for mobile phones while they were in class. Photos posted on Sina Weibo show overturned bedding and destroyed lockers in the dorms of Chaisang District No. The phone raids were the result of new policies at the school that went into effect after the weeklong National Day holiday earlier this month, students said.

One student called the move an “invasion of privacy,” media reported. Notices about changes, which include a ‘no phone rule’ on campus, were sent to parents in September, according to the school’s principal, surnamed Liu. However, according to students’ posts, many families did not sign off on the policy as required in the notice.

Safe Schools: Michael Kirby backs LGBTI program amid outcry from Australian Chinese community

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Please refresh the page and retry. Its government hopes that by raising the quota, more whalers will take to the waters. Norway is one of just two countries in the world to authorise whaling. The other is Iceland. Japan is also a notorious whale-hunting nation, but officially it kills the marine mammals for the purposes of scientific research. In reality, much of the whale meat ends up being eaten: whale is relatively commonplace in restaurants. N orway, whose whaling today is limited to the Minke whale, which it kills using explosive penthrite grenade harpoons, refuses to abide by a international hunting moratorium, which it formally opposed.

After a brief pause, Norway resumed its Minke whale hunt in , saying that it considered stocks sufficiently high. According to Oslo, there are now more than , Minkes in Norwegian waters. T he International Whaling Commission has repeatedly passed resolutions calling for Norway along with Japan and Iceland to return to the international fold, but the organisation has no means to force compliance.

From around whaling vessels in , the numbers plunged to just 11 in , almost fifty per cent down from the previous year. The number of whales killed has also dropped from in to last year. In , the the quota was – the “lowest in many years”, according to Mr Sandberg. Whaling professionals say that their failure to meet the annual quotas is due to insufficient capacity of whale meat processing plants and rising fuel prices.

China’s Hong Kong security law sparks global outcry

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Hong Kong Dating Ad Sparks Outcry. Hong Kong dating ad sparks outcry. Some Chinese steel makers have said the success of the platform.

In this undated photo provided by Women Awakening, students study beneath banners in a classroom at a female morality school in Haikou in southern China’s Hunan Province. Women Awakening via AP. Shot with a hidden camera and posted on a popular Chinese video website, it sparked a storm of criticism of the school and highlighted complaints that the status of women is deteriorating under the rule of a Communist Party that promised them equality.

In the recording, students at the Fushun Traditional Culture School were shown being told to put aside career aspirations and, in one instructor’s words, “shut your mouths and do more housework. Don’t talk back when scolded. And, no matter what, don’t get divorced,” a female teacher says in the post on Pear Video, a Beijing-based online platform for short videos. Such schools appear to be growing in popularity, though it is unclear how many China has, according to researchers and women’s rights activists.

Their emergence reflects the erosion in the status of women since the launch of economic reforms in the s that reduced the ruling party’s focus on social equality, said Feng Yuan, a prominent women’s rights activist. Deng Xichan, a year-old nurse, said she and her mother attended a female morality institute in the southern city of Changsha, enticed by its offer of free classes, lodging and vegetarian food.

Students were taught to obey men because it would bring their children good fortune and that sex before marriage would bring bad luck, Deng said. Every evening, she was required to bow in front of a statue of Confucius and participate in group confessions, she said. At many of the programs, students are closed off from the outside world — and from each other. The Fushun school was founded in by an ex-convict who had served time for murder and was approved by local authorities as a “public welfare organization,” according to Chinese news reports.

It charged no tuition and was supported by students’ donations.

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